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Signing a long term commercial lease or making a real estate asset purchase on your company's behalf is a large part of what could make or break your business. Our Denver, CO based Commercial Real Estate Leasing, Sales and Investment team is here to help you navigate through the overpriced, over-hyped and often grossly misrepresented market. we focus on retail real estate, industrial real estate, healthcare real estate, medical office space, & office real estate.

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Commercial lease negotiations, purchases and sales including market rent analysis, tenant improvements, renewal options, free rent and terms that will increase your path to profitability while stabilizing business costs. Site selection beyond merely just finding space, we also include geographically specific demographics on consumer spending, income, traffic counts so your business will maintain a competitive edge whether you're a start-up dental practice or an entire manufacturing plant utilizing 8,800 ton machines.

Let MHLRE be your partner and move ahead with the correct insight needed to guide a smart commercial leasing or purchasing real estate decision. Send us a message or call us today at (303) 505-5194 to speak with a commercial realtor about if you need to lease office space.



Our healthcare division is at your service

MHLRE's healthcare real estate focus based out of Denver, CO concentrates on practice needs and how to best serve your patient population by utilizing demographics while considering what's most important to you as a practitioner. Contact us for medical office space.

Make informed lease or purchase decisions, ensuring your practice is cash-flowing from the begging.

Negotiate terms that put you in control and on the map.

Focus on providing high quality care instead of stressing over a bad deal.



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