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Planning to lease office space in Denver, Colorado?

Work with a leader in commercial lease negotiation.

Financial, marketing, software and land development companies in the Denver, CO area are fighting for the best properties. You must have a leg up I you want to lease a premier office space. MHLRE excels in commercial lease negotiation, so you can trust us to find your ideal property on your terms.

Don’t wait for your competitor to snatch up your ideal office space. Contact MHLRE right away to learn how we’ll use our commercial lease negotiation skills to your advantage.

Five reasons your business needs office space.

In the age of startups, not every business is deciding to take roots in an office. But there are several key advantages to utilizing office space for lease, including:

  • Attracting talent-the best employees want to work in a space that is appealing and comfortable. A well-established office lets others know that your business is here to stay.
  • Social life-office space isn’t always simply about work. Use your office environment to help build relationships that foster growth and productivity.
  • Punctuality-video conferences and remote meetings aren’t always the most efficient methods for communicating. Get people in the office to speak face-to-face.
  • Accountability-it’s a lot easier to slack on your responsibilities when you’re away from the office. Employees hold more accountability when they are surrounded by their peers.
  • Professional development-physical office space allows you to foster more professional-development opportunities. Show your employees that you are invested in their future growth.

Ask us for market insights

Leasing property in a thriving market is a good way to prime your business for growth. Many Denver, CO residents who are searching for an office lease are eyeing these markets:

  • Denver Technological Center (DTC)
  • Central Business District
  • Lower Downtown (LoDo)
  • Cherry Creek North

If you’re considering an office lease in one of these areas, contact MHLRE today to learn about market conditions and available properties.

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